SoHo art,design and culture center

  • Kontaktperson: SoHo art, design and culture center/Galleri SoHo
  • Om arrangören: SoHo art,design and culture center : Is a wide bord concept to build a creative surrounding that connects artists and the community. -Galleri SoHo is a fine art gallery where local and international visiting artist exhibit their artworks, A destination for art interested people . We are also offering different types of workshops, courses and activities in art, design, music,etc. We create a platform where all kinds of art interacts with the society. We are also having a social club where artists and creative minds meet We are also offering different services in many artistic fields. We create and organize events. For more information visit our website:
  • Adress: Galleri SOHO , Gallerian, Västerås ( storagatan 18)
  • Postnummer: 72213
  • Postadress: 72213 kopperbersvägen 13, Gallerian
  • Telefonnummer: 0707677991
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